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Mitsubishi Electric AE-200A Centralized Controller Firmware Update Advances Building Monitoring and Control Capabilities

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric), a leading manufacturer of Zoned Comfort Solutions™ and variable refrigerant flow cooling and heating systems, announces a firmware update to its AE-200A Centralized Controller. The update improves the functionality of building controls and helps maximize efficiency.

“The AE-200A Centralized Controller firmware update is the latest example of how Mitsubishi Electric is constantly improving its smart technology and controls to help building owners and facility professionals,” said Kevin Miskewicz, director, commercial marketing, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division. “With the improved features, building owners and facility professionals now have even more tools at their fingertips for energy management and allocation.”

One of the features of the firmware update is direct access to the BACnet®  building management system, which  provides numerous benefits for building owners and facility professionals. BACnet is a data communication protocol for building automation and control networks governed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). It increases data, energy management and energy allocation points. The energy management system can pinpoint where the highest energy usage occurs and enables building owners and facility managers to make setting adjustments. The firmware also has new PI controller inputs, trending capability and a Night Mode setting. BACnet connectivity was previously provided through a BAC-HD150 device, but now can communicate through the AE-200A Centralized Controller. Setting up the new firmware will require the BACnet Setting Tool (v3.0.0.0).

There are also two additional firmware features that assist building owners and facility managers. The integrated centralized control web provides users of smartphones and tablet devices easy access. The new web browser no longer requires a Java Applet. A license to the AE-200A Centralized Controller is required for access to all the new firmware features.

The AE-200A Centralized Controller also has advanced features, including dual set point and temperature trending. The controller enables monitoring, scheduling and control of up to 50 indoor units through a web-based interface. Additional flexibility and customization is available by networking three AE-50A expansion controllers to one AE-200A controller, which allows the AE-200A Centralized Controller to manage up to 200 indoor units.

Other  AE-200A Centralized Controller benefits include:

  • 10.4” back lit, high resolution color LCD touch screen
  • Outdoor unit status indicator
  • Ventilation interlock
  • Temperature set point range limits
  • Occupancy detection (requires SmartME Remote Controller)
  • Humidity and temperature readings (requires SmartME Remote Controller)

The AE-200A Centralized Controller is compatible with CITY MULTI®, M- and P-Series, Lossnay®, PWFY hydronic heat pump, CITY MULTI Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS) and other advanced HVAC systems.

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